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Chemical models

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Related post: Date: Thu, preeteern models 04 Dec 2003 23:03:00 -0500 From: NYC Dan Subject: Rancher's Bitch 2Rancher's Bitch Part Twoby Dan CavanaghSteve had met Court a week ago. Court had ignored the preppy-looking accountant the first day he'd shown up at the rodeo to check the young europe models books. He had a nice face and a kid girl models great nudeteen models cp mouth, but Court knew from the way he talked they'd have nothing to say to each other.But the guy was full of questions about "you rodeo guys.""I played a lot of basketball at Princeton, but never really worked like you guys."He smiled a huge grin. Court almost laughed out loud at his "golly-gee" manner.The next day he'd returned in Levis instead of the three-piece suit. Cullough had told Court to show him the receiving operation and gave him a wink. Steve was excited, and before teen modeling salary the afternoon was over undeage teenage models he was down russian pretee models to his T-shirt helping hitch the trailers.Court began to watch him closely. The guy had a great body. Tall, blond, with well-muscled arms and shoulders. Tits rode on top of heavily developed chest and pushed out the T-shirt. Long legs. The Levis modeling teen plus rode up the crack of his ass. Court watched the way he ran his hand over the horse's muscles. And the way his eyes darted over the rodeo riders."I gotta fix something inside the trailer," Court said. "You can give me a hand."It was hot in the trailer, and after a few minutes Court slipped off his shirt. Though his torso was long, he had a big chest with nipples the size of half dollars poking through his chest hair. He was standing on a stool to fix a wire overhead when he looked down suddenly. He smiled.Steve was staring at his chest. His eyes worked up the thin line of hair from the belt, nonude modelgallery over the tan stomach, stretched flat by the position Court was in, arms over his head. The hair thickened into a mat, covering the chest that was wider and deeper than he'd expected. He looked at the lats stretched wide like a cobra head. And the armpits. Sweat trickled in slow drops from the biceps and got caught in the aisain bikini models armpit hair already wet and matted.As Court stepped down, Steve suddenly looked away. Very slowly, Court walked over to him and then swatted him "friendly-like" on the ass. The guy blushed to the roots.As Court continued walking by him model teens log in the narrow trailer, Steve lost his balance and sat down suddenly. Court bent directly over him to retrieve his shirt and Steve found his nose practically buried in hairy armpit. The blast of male sweat, the size and male-animal smell of Court, made his cramped rod shoot down his leg. Court noticed this. He reached into the shirt pocket."Have a cigarette while I check out this light."He slapped Steve hard, on the shoulder this time, and left sex models videos his ukrainian nude models hand there."Just don't set the place on fire," he grinned.Steve watched Court's hips roll as he moved toward the trailer door."Damn sun is so bright, bikinis sexy models can't see if the light is on or not."And with that he swung the two doors closed and latched them. He switched on the light."Hot as hell," he said as he walked back.Steve watched Court's hand models cild nude sliding through the sweat on his chest and matting the hair. Court stopped in front of him, picked up his shirt and began to mop his armpits."You look pretty hot yourself. Why skye model nn don't you slip outta that shirt."There was something in Court's tone. He looked up at the man. Court was standing with one thumb hooked in his belt buckle. He was holding his shirt over his shoulder with the other hand now, making the huge bicep bulge out. Steve caught the man's eyes and looked away, blushing.Then he glanced at Court's crotch. His jaw dropped.Court's heavy dick was hard and sliding down his pants leg. His nuts hung about seven inches down the inside of the jeans and made a huge bulge. The cock continued growing and he could see it burrowing down the leg. The pants had been worn so thin he could actually make out the contours of the prick head.Court had made up his mind.He dropped his shirt. He reached down with one hand and began to pull Steve's T-shirt out of his pants. Steve grabbed Court's arm. Court slowly reached down with the other hand and grabbed Steve by the jaw. He tilted the head back."What's the matter, baby," he smiled."You son of a..." Steve began. But Court suddenly grabbed him by the hair and slapped him hard with an open palm. Steve froze and stared in panic. Court continued smiling. He slapped him hard again. Then he held his hand in the air, ready for another."Take off your shirt, baby, like I said."That was all it took. Steve's rod was leaking a wet stain in his pants. Scared, he slowly reached down and slipped the T-shirt over his head. Court chuckled and crossed his arms. Steve looked up at the man: the curly head of hair, the dark, craggily handsome face, down the bulk of the torso. The size of model 13yo the chest pushed Court's hairy, crossed arms out, andrea savage model making him seem gigantic. The body narrowed to a tight, washboard waist. And then Steve found himself modell teen blue staring at 12y nude model that cock again."Take it out, baby."Steve ran the back of his hand over his mouth."I said take it out, baby," Court said a little firmer.Steve reached up trembling and unbuttoned the fly. The line of hair thickened. He could smell the man. Reaching in, he hooked the penis with two fingers. It was huge. It seemed to take forever to sima teen model slide it out. He'd never touched a guy's dick before. skye model imageboard It was twice as thick as his own.When the head suddenly flipped out, he nude nepali models flinched. The dick continued to harden until it stood out at a 45-degree angle. Prefuck leaked in a slow strand toward the floor."The balls too, guy."He reached in again and put his whole hand around the base of the scrotum. He swung it up and out. From where he sat, it seemed to dangle halfway to Court's knees.Court smiled even wider."Welcome home, baby," nn model clip he said in a low, sexy rumble. And Steve felt the two rough hands encase the side of his head. He let himself be pulled in to the base of the cock.Steve felt the hardness against his lips. The cock was rank with the smell of crotch sweat. His tongue poked out and felt the tube that distended the length of the cock. His lips opened wider. His tongue slipped around the dick, curious. He could barely encompass it. He sighed at the size of it and his own cock oozed even more precum. He began swabbing. His face was on fire. He couldn't bring his mind to the surface. His hands came up and rested lightly on Court's thighs. And he licked.Court felt that thick, dull ache in his carol teen model prick head. This is the carley young model best, he thought. Pink, virgin tongue swabbing the base of his cock. Pink, virgin lips. Damn. And he began to stroke the cornsilk hair on the back of Steve's head as he pulled him in tighter.Steve's jaw went slack as he felt the width of the cock pry his mouth open wider. He nursed down the scrotum and sucked at the loose skin supporting the huge testicles, as if he and Court had been friends all their lives. Court pushed the head down and tilted it back."Open, baby."One ball slipped in. His tongue explored it while he stared up at the man. Court's face was partly in shadow, but he could see the half smile. He drank in the massive, hairy chest, the two nipples rising and falling like corks on lsg models an ocean, and muscles on the hairy arms so powerful that one light blow could slap the sense out sixteen girl model of him. He dropped his jaw like a snake and the other ball slipped in. He made love. Saliva ran out of his mouth and coated his chin. It began model pic russian to soak Court's jeans."Swallow."Steve tried and gagged."Swallow. Open that throat," Court coaxed him. "That's what it's good for. We're gonna train you good, baby. Don't be shy."Steve's eyes closed as he tried."Open that tube, nude canadian models baby."Court reached down and began to pull the jaw wider."Open. Press into that crotch, baby, and inhale."Trusting the man, Steve model teen 6yo did as he was told. He relaxed his throat with a sigh and swallowed slowly. Suddenly the huge mass of giner model balls got past the blockage at the back of his mouth. They slid kids models nn down young bbw models his throat, one behind the other, like balls through a cockring. Steve gagged links models nude and panicked. He grabbed Court's wrists as his eyes squinted and his face turned beet red. His throat swelled out obscenely. Ignoring top models syria the struggles, Court yanked the guy in tighter."That's it. Oh, Jesus." He smiled and, pressing the head into his crotch with all his strength, he slowly tilted his head back, bdsm models database eyes closed.Steve was snorting as his hands scrabbled at Court's wrists. Then something clicked ranger model changes inside him. He went limp and hung there. His pretty face was an open tube for the man's balls. Court felt the change. He looked down quietly."Atta boy."Saliva was running out of both sides of Steve's mouth. Tears were running down his cheeks from the strain. He was beginning child models galleries to pale from lack of oxygen, but his attempts to pull away were feeble. In nn lola models a matter of minutes he had changed from a uptight accountant and ex-basketball hero to a hungry boy who nonnude modells would let a man gag him on testicles. A fuck toy. His throat would be sore for days from the stretching. But he'd welcome the soreness. Now that he'd felt the fullness once, his mouth would gape at the sight of any well-filled crotch.Court hadn't even models petite pedo ella model young begun on his ass.Court eased his balls out teen model collection of the throat. They actually popped past the back of Steve's mouth. They oozed out of the lips. The model teen mouse mouth stayed wide open as Steve sucked in deep breaths. His eyes opened slightly and stared back at Court in surprise. And his chest heaved like bellows, ethiopian nude models puffy, pink tits riding up an down on a well-developed but perfectly hairless chest.Nice suckable tits.Steve started reaching slowly for Court's cock, but Court took his wrists. He hauled him up slightly, then onto the floor. He straddled him with his knees, huge cock leaking, and released the wrists. Grabbing Steve's biceps, he pushed them up, baring his armpits. He stared markus model at that pumped-up chest and Steve continued gasping for breath."God, you're a pretty man," Court smiled.Steve relaxed slightly, confused. bikini satin models Then Court lowered his tanned face covered with a day's stubble, and bared his perfectly white teeth. His tongue shot out and teased a nipple. His lips nipped at it. The his teeth chewed gently.Finally he dropped his jaw, sucked the tit in and tried to swallow it. He growled.Steve bucked his hips. No one had ever touched his tits. The new sensation of pain and pleasure petit models made him whip his head back and forth and he cried out."Shut up, asshole," Court said. He reached fat ass model over, grabbed the shirt he'd mopped his pits with and stuffed it in Steve's mouth Grabbing both biceps again, he went after the other tit.Court pictured Steve on the basketball court, teasing the public with those heavy biceps and shoulders, hiding those tits under that flimsy nylon. He chewed deeper and deeper on that tit, getting the nipple as far back brasilian nude models as his rear molars. Court costume model teen loved to give florencemodel it to any guy he thought was a cock tease. He ignored Steve's cries.Serves him right. thought Court. This guy's tits were mad to be used.As the tit oozed out of his mouth, he slid his teeth up the length of it and nipped the head alena teen model once before he released it. He went after the other one again.When Court finally raised his head, Steve stopped thrashing and preten sex model stared at him wide-eyed. He was about to cum. His eye were glazed and frightened. Court grinned and very slowly lowered his face again. He blew a stream of air onto one armpit. Goose flesh rose. He did the same to the other."You don't use deodorant any more, you understand that guy?" he said.With that, he swabbed the armpit twice with his tongue. The he slammed his unshaven chin into it and dragged it up the model 15yo model masturbate length of the pit. The sensation of the adult lingerie models stubble against the soft armpit flesh was too much for Steve. Yelling into the sweaty shirt, he came. Banging his heels, he whipped his head back and internet model naked forth. But Court held his arms and torso rock-steady. He moved his head over and methodically ripped at the other pit.Steve had never cum without touching himself. For the first time he was aware of his asshole grabbing in rhythm with his prick, hungrily moaning and then slamming shut. And Court rode him like a skittish teen model cp colt as he pulled the hair out of his pits with his teeth. Steve's cum soaked his jeans and began to run up the downlike hairs on his stomach and pool in his navel.When it was over, Steve went limp. He began moaning."Good boy," Court said.His cock was still out, hard and leaking. Calmly, he knelt up and pulled Steve's boots off. Then, standing, he grabbed the legs of the Levis and hauled images models them pussy little model off with such bondage modell force that Steve slid across the floor. Steve wailed once, like a child. Oh, yeah, thought Court, look at those fuckin' legs. Long, muscular legs from years of basketball. Hard with the muscle, but with hairless, poreless skin. Big, size eleven feet. The jockeys were soaked with Steve's load.Grabbing playboy hottest model him by the ankles, photos teen models he flipped him over, knelt down and hauled Steve binaries petite models onto his knees, forearms on the floor. He wedged his legs between the knees, forced them wider and then ripped the jockeys at the erotic model picture crotch, leaving the waistband intact.He ran his hands up the backs of the long thighs and again thought of them bouncing down the court, teasing. He slapped them with both hands, gripped them and hauled his fingers up hard. Steve bucked and moaned. He slapped again, gripped tighter, slid his hands up. This time he ended up at the buttocks. They were like two cheeses. White, perfect and hard."You ever get little models fuck treatment I like this from your coach, huh, guy?" Court asked as he ran his thumbs zhenya model pics up the ass crack. "Walkin' around the locker room, swingin' that ass, sayin' 'Come, fuck me, guys.'"He drew the tip of his middle finger from Steve's scrotum, up over the hole to the tailbone and back."Eager little ass-pussy. You been hidin' it. Starvin' it all these years."The tip cute model teen of his finger began to work into the hole. He was playing Steve like an instrument. Telling him just what he needed to hear."You're ass is lucky I'm takin' charge. Feel how grateful it is?"With that, he began to slide the finger in. The combination of the sexy talk and the power of the man were too much for Steve. No one had ever played with his ass. Just as Steve thought he was about to pull away, Court twisted his finger brooke marks model suddenly and the ass bucked back toward the finger on its own. His back bowed down and the ass tilted up.Steve's fordson model f head went back and he groaned."Grind it, baby."He rotated his ass as Court slowly finger-fucked him. Court reached under Steve and cupped a tit with angels nude models his free ls model charming hand. He slowly pulled the finger out of his ass. Lining three fingers up, he suddenly twisted the tit teen model haley hard and rammed the fingers into the hole. Steve's own ass juices made a wet, squelching sound. His head bebe model vivian whipped back and he wailed, but his ass bucked spastically, sucking at the pain."You're a natural, baby. You should have been team pussy. But we teen model bittorrent got a lot of rodeo riders who are gonna help you out."He milked the tit and sawed at the hole. Court was beginning to discover that by playing with his tits, he could get him to do anything. Steve's ass went wild, sucking like a starving refugee. Court yanked his fingers out of the ass and put his cockhead at the entrance to the hole. He reached ameture bikini models around and began to turn Steve's tits like radio dials. The torn jockeys framed the ass cheeks."Pretty ass, virtual fashion model baby. Like to see it in a jockstrap."He rotated his prick head on the hole."But no more jockeys. I'll just rip 'em off you."The hole began opening."Shame to hide an ass like this. Push back, baby. Don't fight that hungry ass,,"Steve pushed back and the huge head popped in. Steve hissed. He paused as the bunghole nn models 15yr got used to the size."Atta boy."Court gave the cheeks a slap and then yanked the tits harder. A low growl came out of Steve's mouth. He pushed back again. He needed this. Every muscle on his body stood out with the strain."Oh, yeah!" Court said. "Look at it go."He slapped again. Steve barked and shoved back again. Four inches of the ten-inch dick were up the ass, distending it, worldsexmodelswife straightening it."Oughta get a picture of chemical models you like this. Bent over, your hands spreading those cheeks. Make every guy in Colorado give up pussy."Steve barked again and shoved back. Six inches."Ready, baby? 'Bout ready?"Steve hung his head. Court sucked his stomach in and looked adult model mitosis down at the ass-cock babes models 12yo connection. Huge, acemodeling babe dark cock with thick, black hair. Tight, blond asshole, tilted and ready.Yanking the tits back, Court rammed his prick home. Like ten inches of metal pipe up the tiny hole. Steve bellowed and his legs gave. But the prick held him in place. Court model angela mason grabbed him by the waist, squeezing the wind out of him. He began fucking."Show me that pussy, baby."Steve wailed and shoved back. The talk was driving him nuts."Work it like a bitch, guy. nn japanese models How many girls you fucked, huh? That shit dick of yours plowin' loose cunt while this tight little hole teen model teen was goin' hungry?" He slapped. "How long you ignored this pussy thongmodels com back here, playin' big hero?"He rammed, rotated his prick and rammed again."I seen you checkin' yourself out in the mirror, baby."Slap."Nobody pretty as you can stand it long without gettin' fucked open."Steve lowered his head between his arms and shoved back. He ebony male models was like a cat in heat.Slap!"Harder, baby?"Steve gave out lia model nn a high-pitched whine.Slap!Slap!He ground his hips. "Needs to bunny little models be heated up."Slap!"Move that hot little oven, baby."Court began to pile drive the ass, shelly teen model laying claim to the blond body beneath him. He pulled the head back melissa model little by the hair and slapped it hard."Need vlad teen models to be slapped a little, huh, baby? Need to be top 100 model shown who's boss, huh?"Slap! Slap!"Oh, shit!"He suddenly leaned forward, worked his arms around Steve's and grabbed his head in a hammerlock."You fuckin' bitch! Here it comes!!"He slammed in hard one last time. The force knocked them to the floor.Court tried to shove his hips inside the hole with the cock. Halfway to Steve's heart the cockhead opened and began pouring like a faucet. He wrenched the body back violently, dragging the top of Steve's head along the floor. Steve reached back frantically, trying to pull Court in deeper. He grabbed Court's balls and yanked forward. Court howled.Steve's colon modelsansar nude models squeezed around the prick rhythmically, instinctively knowing how 12to16 panty models to make a man's prick feel good. Cum backed up the tube and began leaking out the asslips. Court bucked again and bit the back of Steve's neck with a helpless yowl, claiming his mate.Steve came a second time, but the size of the telephone pole up his ass defeated his muscles. While the ass lining sucked and caressed the huge dick, grabbing hard like a band of steel, cum dribbled out of his prick in a advanced model rocketry slow flow.He had completely lost control of himself.He loved this man who knew what he wanted.He groaned with joy as he gave the prick what it needed in return.When Court finally came back to earth he heard Steve whispering, barely loud enough to be heard."Thank you, Sir. Oh, God. Thank you. teen model magazine Oh, God..."Court smiled.--------------------Send Dan feedback:
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